Borderlands/Southwest History Graduate Students

UA Graduate Students

Partial list of completed Ph.D.s & current positions
Salvador Acosta, Associate Professor, Fordham University
Crossing Borders, Erasing Boundaries: Interethnic Marriages in Tucson, 1854-1930, 2010
Dolores Rivas Bahti, Pima Community College
Aztlan in Arizona: Civic Narratives and Ritual Pagentry in Mexican Arizona, 1915-1935, 2001
Maritza de la Trinidad, Associate Professor, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
Collective Outrage: Mexican American Activism and the Quest for Educational Reform, 2008
Katrina Jagodinsky, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska
Intimate Obscurity: American Indian Women in Arizona Households and Histories, 1860-1935, 2011
Tai Johnson, Assistant Professor, Longwood University
The Environmental Politics of Subsistence: Agroecological Transformation on the Hopi Indian Reservation, 1950 – 2000, 2016 
John Klingemann, Associate Professor, Angelo State University
Triumph of the Vanquished: Pancho Villa’s Chihuahuan Army in Revolutionary Mexico, 2008
Yolanda Leyva, Associate Professor, University of Texas-El Paso
Que son los ninos: Mexican children along the U.S.-Mexico border, 1880-1930, 1999
Michael Logan, Professor, Oklahoma State University
Fighting Sprawl and City Hall: Resistance to Urban Growth in the Southwest, 1945-1965, 1994
Fawn Amber Montoya, Professor, Associate Dean, James Madison University
Mines, Massacres and Memories: Colorado Fuel and Iron's Creation of a Company in Southern Colorado, 1880-1919, 2007
Gretchen Pierce, Assistant Professor, Shippensburg University

Sobering the Revolution: Mexico's Anti-Alcohol Campaigns and the Process of State-Building, 1910-1940, 2008

Chrystel K. Pitt, Instructor, Framingham State University

Deal with Us: The Business of Mexican Culture in post-World War II Houston, 2011

Laura Shelton, Associate Professor, Franklin & Marshall University
Families in the Courtroom: Law, Community and Gender in Northwestern Mexico, 1800-1850, 2004