2018-2019 Courses   

History 358        Natural History of Disasters

History 695a      Advanced Topics in American History

History 498        History Lab: Researching and Creating Museum Exhibits  

History 446/546 History of Arizona and the Southwest  
Other Undergraduate Courses regularly taught

History 345           New American West
History 355           U.S. Environmental History
History 438/538    U.S. Cultural History, 1917-1945
History 495f          Topics in U.S. History: Western U.S. Women's History

History 498           Capstone Seminar
  Previous topics include:
     Place and People in the American West
     Social Movements in U.S. History
     Centennial Commemorations & Arizona History
     History Lab: Researching and Creating Museum Exhibits
Other Graduate Courses regularly taught
History 695a        Advanced Topics in American History
Topics of previously taught versions of this graduate readings course:
     Borderlands, Culture and Environment         
     Intersecting Fields: Readings in 19th- and early 20th-century American History
     Narratives of Difference: 19th- and 20th-century U.S. History
     Race, Ethnicity and Labor in the American West and South
     Recent Scholarship in Western U.S. History
     U.S. Environmental History
     U.S. History 1840s-1940s: Comparisons in Time and Place
History 696b      Nineteenth-Century American History (research seminar)
History 696c      Twentieth-Century American History (research seminar)