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History Internships

History majors may receive up to six units of history credit for internships that relate to the study of history. Students may pursue summer internships or work during the academic year. Past internship sponsors include the Arizona Historical Society, Jewish Community Relations Council (oral history project with Holocaust survivors), the Smithsonian Institution and the University of Arizona Press . Students may also seek out their own internship opportunities and, with prior approval from the history internship advisor, receive internship credit.
These 3-unit internships (HIST 493) usually involve 10 hours per week working on location and 2 hours per week of related reading and writing. Each intern completes 15-20 pages of writing, some of which might be generated by the requirements of the internship work itself. The student's work is evaluated by a faculty member as well as by the on-site supervisor. Internship grades are S/P, C, D, E, I, and W.

Potential Internship opportunities:

  • Arizona Historical Society internship with one or more of the following AHS departments--Museum, Education, Library & Archives Students will assist with ongoing projects. Upper-division history majors preferred. To apply for AHS internships, fill out the Internship application (available through the Department of History online or at the main office, 400N Chavez) and return it to Prof. Morrissey's department mail box (400N Chavez).
For more information, or to register for internship credit, students should consult with the history internship advisor, Prof. Katherine Morrissey,

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