Environmental History Resources for Undergraduates

Interested in environmental history? Here are some avenues for you...

Undergraduate Courses

History 355-- U.S. Environmental History
This lecture/discussion course explores the environmental history of the United States. We look at human interactions with the American environment through time--from the biotic changes set in motion by Columbus' arrival, to 19th-century technological and industrial transformations of nature, to Wise Use and EarthFirst! environmentalism of the late 20th century. Along the way, we delve into particular topics, considering throughout how different cultural groups experience and represent nature and how the environment itself shapes our history. We examine changing attitudes about nature and natural resources, and explore the relation between present day environmental issues and the past
History 356-- Global Environmental History
This course examines the ways in which different societies have defined, understood, valued, mapped, and made their livings in their environment.  Also, it explores how societies and environments mutually transform one another.
Keep your eyes out for our environmental history field course, traditionally offered in May.


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